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I adopt a practical, client-informed approach to therapy.  I take the opportunity to get a sense of the unique internal culture and style with which each client presents in order to formulate potential interventions.  With this knowledge I can surmise which interventions might be effective at a particular time and also understand which interventions probably will not be.

The type and nature of psychotherapeutic treatment chosen largely depends upon your presenting concerns, your strengths, and your desire for a more or less structured approach to therapy.  Typically, the specific nature of your treatment will evolve over the course of your treatment, depending on a number of variables such as emerging stressors you face, progress you make, and ongoing diagnostic clarification.  Therapy is generally guided by the goals you set and the problems you wish to address. 

The ongoing and developing dialogue (or play, if the client is a child) between client and therapist is a crucial means of bringing to light and understanding the thoughts, beliefs, and cognitive-styles, as well as feeling states and ways of reacting to feelings, that form important components of your presenting problem or problems.  Typically, I supplement the in-session dialogue with homework assignments that pertain to your presenting problems.